Where is the G spot?

Where is the G spot? The female G-spot is pretty elusive and mysterious. Where on earth is it? How do you find it? What actually is it? In short: it’s real and so worth looking for.

What is it, exactly?
The G-spot is an erogenous zone, about the size of a 5p piece, located just underneath your front vaginal wall. It’s made from ultra sensitive, erectile-like tissue that, which when touched, swells – so it’s more the size of a 10p – and brings on feelings of sexual bliss, similar to the way your clitoris responds to contact.

How can you find it?
First, lie back and get comfortable. Insert your finger a few inches into your vagina, with your palm facing up. Press into the front vaginal wall directly or make a ‘tickle’ motion. “You should feel a spongy area about one-third of the way in,” staff sexologist at My Pleasure. Don’t be afraid to press firmly. It may feel strange – many women describe their spot as wrinkly, puckered or just different from the surrounding soft tissue.

If you can’t find it, try searching from outside your body while your other hand is still inside. “Trace a line from your belly button to the top of your pubic bone, then press around the area,”  If you start to feel tingly, you’ve hit the spot.

Still coming up empty-handed? Then get using that erotic imagination of yours – when you’re aroused, your G-spot hardens, gets rougher (sort of like a walnut) and doubles in size. Being turned on should make it more pronounced. And although it’s usually more comfortable to seek it out while lying down, squatting might give you deeper access.

Using a toy can help you hit the spot
Using a toy can help you hit the spot

G-spot massaging toys are god’s gift to women, trust us. So if you don’t want to go exploring for yours yourself, you can always use a little helping silicone hand. DACHMA Lucas Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator target vibes to your G-spot (and your clitoris but you can turn this function off if you just want internal stimulation). DACHMA is rechargeable and has 8 speed and pulse settings so you’re likely to find one (or many) that work for you.

How can it improve your sex life?
A few fast strokes won’t result in an instantaneous orgasmic explosion, unfortauntely. But with practice and perseverance, you’ll get the hang of the type of movements that’ll increase your desire faster, and make it easier to orgasm. “Massaging your G-spot on a regular basis can increase blood flow through your entire below-the-belt area, which translates into heightened sexual response,”  “The new sensations can leave you so worked up, women who have never had an orgasm before have been able to reach climax.”

How you can guide your partner
If you think you’re G-spot-challenged, imagine how uninformed your partner must feel. Start by asking them to gently slip two well-lubed fingers inside you, and then get them to alternate pressing their fingertips against your front vaginal wall.

Also, during foreplay, have them stimulate you internally as the other hand strokes your lower-belly border, stimulating your spot from the outside. Or prolong the G-spot sensation by guiding them there until you’re about to go over the edge, then suddenly push their hand away. “Ask them to play with your clitoris or the outside of your vagina for a while, then go back to your G-spot,” Shifting back and forth will build so much sexual tension, you’ll be likely to come via G-spot stimulation alone.

Which sex positions are the best for G-spot stimulation?
Luckily, hitting your G-spot while having penetrative sex doesn’t have to mean doing contortions. “If you alter the angle of your partner’s penis [or a strap-on dildo] so they can’t miss stroking your front vaginal wall, almost any position can thrill your G-spot,”  With your partner lying on their back, straddle them so you’re facing them. As they enter you, lean back slightly, your pelvis raised, hands behind you, supporting your weight. Slide up and down with slow, steady strokes. “When you’re on top, you can shift yourself – and your partner – around to find your G-spot more easily,”

If you prefer missionary, it doesn’t rate all that high on the G-spot scale, unless you place a pillow or two under your lower back. That raises your pelvis up a few inches so a penis or strap-on can easily rub against your G-spot.

For a G-spot quickie, stand facing the wall with your hands against it and your partner behind you, their knees bent, so their pelvis is below yours. As they thrust at an upward slant, the entire length of the shaft will rub along the location of your G-spot.